The Best Laid Plans

Well it’s been two weeks since I checked in and nothing has changed weight wise.  I am still at 246 which is actually nothing short of a miracle considering the two weeks that just passed.  The end of tax season went very badly because of 2 days of no electricity right at the end of the month and then another 1 1/2 hours on the last day.  Then add in two days of training for my temp job and then 4 days of delivering paperwork from 8 or so in the morning until 9 at night with barely a stop to eat. And what we ate over the last 2 weeks has been anything but healthy- pizzas, mcd’s, chinese, chocolate, etc, etc  Now there were a few decent meals in there but not many!!

The one good thing about this past week was that delivering all these papers allowed for a lot of exercise along with the long days.  I had to drive all over the place but I also had to get out at every house to deliver the papers  to the door, and at a lot of these places the driveway did not go all the way to the home so there was a lot of climbing up and down embankments, etc  I think that’s the only thing that saved me from gaining weight over the last two weeks.

Now that all the craziness is officially over I will be able to start back at my routine.  I will do the hill walk today as it is beautiful out there and hopefully tomorrow I will get back to the treadmill.

I hope when I check in next weekend I will have some real progress to report.

Have a great week and HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!

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Two steps back

Hi All

Well this week will not go down in history as one of my best I have to admit.  Way too much running(and not the good kind) and too many late nights make for a weigh in this morning that I could have done without, up 2lbs t0 246.  However alot of it is just lack of exercise and a bit too much take out because we are so flipping busy.

One more week of taxes to go and then life can simmer back down to more or less normal I hope.  Even with my new temporay job I should be less stressed than the last few weeks. I really feel that the weight gain has a lot to do with the “bloaty” feeling I have been suffering through the last two days, because I have been relatively careful with my serving sizes, etc

On the plus side I am making the hill walk today, it’s really the only cardio exercise that will have happened in the last week and a half, although I have done a bit of bodyweight stuff.

Not going to let this get me down, next weigh in I plan to be back at 244 if not lower.

See ya next week

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Holding steady

Hi all,

Well the last week was not the best, not much exercise and I am pretty sure no weight loss, but considering the crazy schedule I have at the moment I am not going to let it get me down.

Two weeks to the end of tax season and I have decided that as long as I hold my own over the next two weeks I will be happy with that.  Between taxes, deaths among family and friends, Easter coming up and running the kids places there is not a lot of time left for meal planning or down time, let alone real exercise time.  I am fitting in what I can and will jump back on the wagon on May 2nd, or earlier if I can get all the work done before that.

I will check in next week to let you know how my weigh-in goes.

Have a good week all

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Good week, headed back in the right direction!

Hi All

Well, this week has been better, not completely back up to speed but much better.  This is normal I think, I happened to come across an article in the local paper about hitting a slump at the 3 month mark (I think these slumps probably come at every 6 week interval until you finally clear all the crap out of your body and your life and maybe even after that too) and how it might mean that changing up your routine is in order.

So I did a detox, well a rapid cleanse, this week.  This isn’t like detoxes I have done in the past, it said it was designed to work on it’s own, without modifying your diet, etc but gave some suggestions on now to make it more effective.  These were the usual, eat lots of veggies and fruit, drink water, etc  For the first four days I tried to follow most of the guidelines, but then the busy week got the better of me and I reverted to my old diet for a few days.  However that didn’t seem to affect things much so I am glad of that.

Once again I did not get all my exercise in, but I did get some and it is so obvious that I feel better on those days.  However getting up at 5:30 to use the treadmill is not working so well with working all hours of the night to get taxes done up, so I will just do my best until the end of the month and push it harder in May.  Just got back from my hill walk though and it went great, no trouble doing it at all.  It was so nice too, not too hot, not to cold, just right.

And I weighed in this morning and I am down 2 more pounds, to 244 – woohoo!!!  That makes 21lbs so far, just 5 1/2 away from my next milestone, a 10% loss of my original weight, which would be 26 1/2 pounds.  Cannot wait to get to this milestone, although it will probably be after the end of April, which is when I had hoped to get there, but that’s ok.

Well, that’s it for this week.





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Beautiful day, the week – not so much

Hi all

Well I had a good day today, did the extended hill walk like last Sunday and the weather was much better this time.  It was a bit harder to do this week and I believe that is directly related to the week I had.  Despite my pep talk to myself earlier in the week I did not get in all my treadmill/bodyweight sessions and I paid the price today.  I also did not eat as well as I would have liked.

Outside pressures, the hectic schedule during the week and a sick child all led to poor choices and too much take out.  But today I am more or less back on track and I think I may try to start a 7day cleanse tomorrow, we’ll see how I feel in the morning.  If I am going to do it, I want to make sure I will be able to carry out the entire cleanse, so I will be better able to make that decision tomorrow after a good night’s sleep – at least I hope it’s good, the last few have not been great.

Anyway, enough griping.  Off to finish up dinner prep, pork tenderloin, potato and broccoli, with some cukes.  Feels good to cook a decent meal.

Hope everyone’s week goes well.


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Hitting a wall?? No not really!


A bit late checking in this week, it’s Wednesday already!  It is my busy time, taxes piled high, and other schedule changes that I wasn’t expecting.  All this adds up to stress and that means missed meals, less than desirable meals and so on and so on.  I knew this was coming and I know it will also pass, so I am cutting myself some slack, but doing as much as I can to stay on track.

I have pretty much put my tracking system on hold for the next month.  Not tracking calories, or goals.  But I continue to workout, haven’t missed a treadmill/bodyweight session yet and don’t intend to, just not spending the time on my spreadsheets to track each little thing which I was doing before the rush hit.  I will eat as well as I can, keep the protein content up and the bad carbs down, and I will drink my water.  Wow, sounds like a pep talk, which of course it is, that’s why I started this blog in the first place, I guess.

Weigh in was on Sunday, and I didn’t lose any weight, but hey I didn’t gain any either, stayed at 246lbs.  This is what I hoped would happen, I actually thought I might have gained, so was happy to stay the same.  I suspect that may be the result at the next 2 week weigh-in as well, however I may do a detox starting this Sunday, so if I do that I may actually lose a bit.  Here’s hoping.

Made the hill walk on Sunday as well, and extended it as I had said I would, my young lady was not impressed with the extra 15min or so of walking but by the time we got home she was happier about it all.  Feels good to push the limits, even the little ones.  At 1.7mph on the treadmill this week.  I had thought I would stay at 1.6 for a second week but on Monday I decided to give it a try at 1.7 and it went well, so we keep moving forward.  The plan is to get to 2.0 and then start intervals at faster paces until I can go 3.0 for a full session, which is 1/2hour.  Three months ago that would have been the furthest thing from my mind!

Anyway, work beckons so I must go.

Have a good week!

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Another great day!

What a beautiful day, after the “super” moon last night, it is an added bonus.  Just came back from a 45min walk with my oldest daughter and that hill we tackle every week is getting easier and easier to climb.  Next week I think we will be ready to extend it to the next, smaller hill.

Been an iffy week food wise again, mostly because the kids have been on break and we tend to have more takeout etc since we can’t do a whole lot of activities  as I am busy with tax work.  But only one day was completely off track so that’s not too bad.  And I continued to get all my treadmill and bodyweight work in so I feel pretty good all in all.

The one off track day was yesterday and the food I ate was strictly in response to some rather depressing news I got from a chance encounter I had while out shopping.  This once again enforces the truth about why I often want to pig out, it is definitely emotional and/or stress induced.  But today I feel better, not discouraged by my backstep but encouraged to get back on track and out and about and to get things done!!!

So my latest idea for getting out more is this – we are going to make what is called a wildlife corridor around the perimeter of our place (50 acres of it at least) and use it to walk in the summer and cross country ski in the winter.  I guess this kind of defeats the “wildlife” aspect, but since they would normally use it at night or early morning and late evening, we should be fine.  This plan may take a few years to come to fruitition but I hope to have the path made by May, with the tree stump “fence” put up in sections over the next few years.  I’m not a cross country skier yet but I hope to be this coming winter.  At the very least it will keep us all active.  I plan on putting a few benches along the way and hope to turn it into more than just an exercise path, more of a natural part of our day, to get out and enjoy nature more.  I will keep everyone posted on the progress.

Another change I’ve been contemplating is trying to add some yoga to my routine, haven’t quite decided when or how but it’s in the works.  I hope to figure it out over the next couple of weeks and start on this road, I think it will help physically and mentally.

Well that’s the scoop for this week, next time will be an update on my weight loss progress (at least I hope it will be progress).

Have a great week all!

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